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Experience of the companies which successfully realized marketing planning shows that when developing strategy it is necessary to concentrate on the concrete facts, but not on abstract understanding of business. Successful realization of marketing planning depends:

The marketing strategy is based on advertizing, production and advance of a tourist product. The role of the marketing specialist in the tourist company consists in that, having analysed all requirements of the market, to present their top - to managers so that the last could develop strategy by means of which it is possible to meet all these requirements.

Marketing planning - one of the most important elements of management of marketing without which all system of marketing activity of firm breaks up to the separate, not connected among themselves "slices" (thus some slices will be duplicated by various divisions and some will not be executed at all).

Strategy of management of a tourist product are based on the concept of its life cycle. According to the concept any goods pass in the development a number of stages – introductions, growth, a maturity and recession. As conclusions from this concept the following statements that serve:

From an example it is visible that thanks to planning of the company it is possible to open for itself the new markets and, therefore, to increase a flow of tourists by Cyprus. Therefore it is quite clear why many tourist companies resort to marketing planning which includes the following stages:

The concept of life cycle of service recognizes that any round, whatever magnificent consumer properties it possessed, sooner or later is driven out of the market by other, more perfect round.

The wide range represents the prerequisite of the differentiated consumer choice and, therefore, is incentive incentive of demand. In practice of marketing the following concepts of the range are used:

The department of marketing in the large tourist companies has to watch not only a state in the markets and sales channels, but also to plan restrictive measures as marketing in itself does not control action which influence functioning of the company in the market.

Mass consumption of goods is defined by exchange value – the quantitative relation in which potrebitelny costs of a tourist product exchange on consumer costs of other goods.

Saturation of the market of tourism by various tourist services, bitter competitive struggle of travel companies for preferences of consumers, possibility of businessmen independently to define the purposes, strategy, administrative structures caused need and possibility of use of marketing for the sphere turizma.2

The stage of introduction coincides with the round entry moment into the market and the beginning of attraction and a gain of buyers. This stage is characterized by the maximum size of the costs connected with an aggressive advertizing campaign and expenses on planning and development of round. Initial phases of a stage of growth can have unprofitable character.

The prime target of any tourist company is achievement of commercial success that assumes receiving the maximum result at a minimum of expenses. All planning which is carried out at the enterprise or in the tourist company is developed for the purpose of receiving profit for each company separately, considering all specifics of business.

Without the general understanding of business search and development of alternative strategy are useless. Thus, instead of comparison of a number of strategy of further development of tourist business and firm within this business, heads often are content only with one which in most cases is rephrasing of old strategy.

The main way of delivery of tourists to the vacation spot in the international rounds usually is aviaflight, is more rare - travel by sea or by rail. In domestic rounds as the trailer trains and planes are, as a rule, used; less often river and sea cruises, motor transport practice.

the period of a maturity of a tourist product will last until the firm holds the leading positions in competitive fight, preferences and needs of potential buyers of a tourist product will not change yet;