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Mission of our organization consists in increase of a level of quality of advertizing production in the market and formation at the population of good taste. Our organization owing to the structural construction is one of social institutes. We carry out communication function in society, promoting improvement of quality of the offered goods and services, and also we are employers that in itself it is important.

We are culture carriers. And that what ourselves that we do depends. Therefore the staff of firm constantly (as far as possible) has to try to increase the cultural and educational level. It can be expressed in continuous increase of the professionalism and development of personal cultural preferences. It is necessary polite with all to be absolute. Workers have to look good, according to recommendations of stylists of firm. In firm corporate standards on document flow in the organization are developed. The management develops the program for formation of corporate loyalty. For example joint celebration of various dates, holidays and Days of births. The management has to be a model example for the subordinates. It is necessary for the management with understanding treats mistakes or negligences of the subordinates.

Mobility of the environment is a speed to which there are changes in an environment of the organization. We consider that as well as complexity, mobility of environment of our firm the low. One of the most dynamic factors which we consider are NTP and competitors.

The coherence of factors of environment is the level of force with which change of one factor uses on other factor. The coherence of factors of environment, our organization, low because only two factors of environment can have serious impact on all other factors and respectively on activity of firm. It:

At the initial stage there is a problem of replacements of experts with people of firm, it occurs thanks to small number of collective and is connected with economic difficulties at a stage of formation of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to employ people from out of.

Complexity of environment is understood as number of factors to which the organization is obliged to react, and also the level of variability of each factor. In our opinion complexity of environment not high because the number of factors of environment rather not big and their variability can be predicted approximately.