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Now it is possible to give more and less final characteristic of a ratio of thinking and sensory perception in Aristotle's philosophy. The form of a thing which perceives thinking, is not reduced to summation of material elements of a thing or its sensual qualities. Perceiving a thing form, mind does not see that a thing white or red. He knows, ó there is a thing. So actions of thinking and sensuality are always various.

The Intuitivist N. O. Lossky recognized that the theory of knowledge it is necessary to build, without leaning on any other, i.e. without using statements of other sciences as. In other words, the theory of knowledge needs to be from the analysis of experiences valid at present. In this analysis, according to Lossky, it is possible of course, to use results of other sciences but only as material, and at all not as a basis for the theory of knowledge. The building, in his opinion, is not the copy, not a symbol and not the phenomenon of reality in the learning subject, and the reality, life subjected only to a by comparison.

In development of the problems the theory of knowledge is guided by data of all forms of cognitive activity - including on private sciences, proceeding from need of the union with them. The materialistic dialectics as logic and the theory of knowledge stopped being science of sciences, to be above them, to dictate as as to do to them in the specific field of activity and to impose to other areas of knowledge the representations. Thus the contents and a perspective of the theory of knowledge have to always to a modern level of development and inquiries and the social humanities.

The theory of knowledge as set of knowledge of process in its general characteristics is ­, a result, quintessence of history of knowledge more widely - all material and spiritual culture in general.

Productive method of cartesian philosophy and are: formation of idea of development and aspiration this idea to apply as the principle of knowledge of the nature, introduction to dialectics mathematics by means of a variable, the instruction on flexibility of rules of the method a and on their communication with ethical standards and some other.