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And all trouble that any person, starting being engaged in power types of physical exercises, gets on Wednesday, where talk on physical culture and other "sloppy sentimentality" not in honor. There the spirit reigns, and force cult, but not mind is more right. Even for women and children.

But know, how many in those days was really free people who could be engaged in it? From total number of the population no more than 5 - 10%. It in Ancient Greece. And in Ancient India which gave to the modern world yoga? And in Ancient China from which to us came wushu? Yoga and wushu, in general, gimnastikam became quite recently, and Aristotle, it seems, told nothing about them. Besides initially it were some cult occupations which value now treat who as wants. But I offer them to all first of all as gymnastics.

Almost everyone can be engaged in any kind of gymnastics, but at the level, clearly. And previously having defined a main objective - sports, that is for health and in the benefit, or sports, that is as it turns out and, most likely, to the detriment. After all today the all-improving orientation of gymnastics is only declared. In practice many gymnastics - purely sports views. Do not trust?

"Aerobics" as a type of physical culture is considered American "the invention. Concerning sports inventions Americans, it should be noted, people without complexes. And in general impudent persons. At them personal active and aggressive ambitions are developed much more strongly, than a sense of responsibility. The main thing - business. And in physical culture too.

How it so - weightlifting and suddenly gymnastics? Yes it is very simple. Only it is gymnastics power and very limited on the purposes and means. Earlier though weightlifters had three exercises, but here solved, as two will be enough - a push and breakthrough. Well, solved and solved.

In any case, in the ancient time both yoga, and wushu as well as gymnastics in Greece, too were occupation only for the elite, but too for improvement of a body and spirit. The truth all this became as preparation for life in the world other. In Ancient Greece the gymnastics existed as if as opposed to an agonistics. Or on the contrary - an agonistics as opposed to gymnastics. Though they could, as if supplement each other or compensate. It seems as white and black, sweet and bitter, good and evil. Only Aristotle considered that for development of the person the gymnastics is of very great value whereas occupations by an agonistics in general are unworthy the free person.

In groups of health, female gymnastics, physiotherapy exercises at us that was only not invented. And too everything is silent. And at them again bang - and the kallanetika appeared. Now here fitness is propagandized with might and main. And not differently, as panacea. And where it this fitness was when the physical culture at us developed, or gymnastics in Ancient Greece?

Kettlebell sport - so it usually is called - one more type of power gymnastics. A task at it the same that at weightlifting and powerlifting - development of force. But if in the first two types it is for this purpose used, generally a bar and with it exercises for check of this force are carried out, the kettlebell gymnastics uses, by itself, weights. And not only in some "classical" movements like presses or breakthroughs, but also for juggling.

Everything who considers himself healthy, can try to be engaged in any kind of power gymnastics. Those who wants to become healthy (in sense strong), can try too, but it is careful. I do not recommend such occupations to children and women. Even as physical culture. But than to be engaged in that to elephants and elephant cows, even small for which the road to rhythmic gymnastics is, etc. closed? Try. After all to be strong and healthy, does not mean at all to be also silly.

Around the world very long time ago are engaged in athleticism body building, and anything. And they have active children bang! and bodybuilding as the Olympic sport was staked out. The whole industry on it develops. For gymnastics under the music, and different, too very long time ago go in. And in groups, and individually. And at them bang - and aerobics. And again business.

Elements of modern rhythmic gymnastics are used and in other types. But occupations with a ball, a tape, a hoop and other subjects cannot be considered as its native attributes as they were applied before registration of rhythmic gymnastics in an independent look.