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Except production of telescopes and telescopes, was engaged in designing of the simple microscopes consisting of only one tiny lens which he received from a glass drop (melting a glass stick over a candle flame). Such microscopes were widely adopted then.

Torricelli possesses also works on mathematics (in particular, developed "indivisible" meta and to ballistics, improvement of optical devices, polishing of lenses. In mathematics improved and widely applied a method of tasks, indivisible at the decision, on tangents. Used kinematic representations, in particular the principle of addition of movements. Generalized the rule of a quadrature of a parabola on a case of any rational indicator. Independently, though a little later than {Zh. Roberval}, defined a cycloid quadrature. After {R. Descartes} found length of an arch of a logarithmic spiral.

In 1627 arrived to Rome where studied mathematics under the leadership of B. Kastelli, the friend and the pupil Galileo Galilei. Under impression of works of Galilei about the movement wrote own composition on the same subject under the name Treatise about the movement (Trattato del moto, 16

The smallest value will be for the point P lying on direct A1C. As in this case P1, P, C lie on one right, VRS angle adjacent to a corner of an equilateral triangle is equal 120 °; since A1P1B corner equal 120 °, is equal AVS, and ARV corner = 120 °.